Damn Shame about Vilsack

February 23, 2007

Wes surely might announce AFTER he stops this administration’s pending airstrikes on IRAN (for those who were about to ask).

I’m fit to be tied that Vilsack won’t make it at least to the Iowa caucuses as ‘favorite son’ with his anti-war message. Impossible to believe that Vilsack wasn’t strong-armed.

As it happens, I guess my furiously dashed off letter to Senator Boxer early this a.m. was timely then?


Urgently request that you write legislation which serves constituents over and above your own self-interests. Legislation against conflicting interests on the parts of U.S. representatives, both houses. (Not referring to you personally, Senator Boxer. Altho I must admit, I did find your participation in a joint fund-raiser with Senator Obama in S.F. recently more than a bit distasteful. )

It should be verboten that a duly-elected sitting U.S. Senator or Congressperson be permitted to launch a campaign for higher office while holding a seat to which said “representative” has been duly elected by his constituency; to say nothing of using campaign funds which have been contributed soley for purpose of election or re-election to said legislative office. Double-Double-dipping, Senator. Breach of contract.

Yes, it should be verboten that a duly-elected sitting representative of the people should aspire to a higher office by way of the senatorial or congressional bully-pulpit.

And in the end, sitting senator-wannabes with an eye on the Whitehouse notoriously do not win (and/or keep) the presidency in any case. Haven’t you noticed? There seriously oughta be a law against such hubris, Senator.

Disgusted constituent

And to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee:

No contributions, no boots on the ground for senators-elect. Not until legislation gets passed which makes it illegal (a conflict of interest) for duly-elected-sitting senators and representatives to run for a higher office while serving their terms. Clearly a breach of contract with the constituencies by whom they were elected, their jobs are to legislate in the best interests of ‘we the people’, not to campaign all over the country on our dime in what has now surely become the biggest-bizarrest-freak-show of our times. Let’s just get back to Democracy: Of, by and for the people. Shall we?

Disgusted Democrat

Q: If there’s to be viability outside the beltway (in either party), isn’t it time we made this an issue? 

“…we get the government we deserve”

?…can’t remember who said that. But that’s what we will continue to get. An administration auctioned to the highest bidder for as long as we accept this as inevitable.

So. Why do we even bother? Why not just settle for shallow mediocrity – at best (if we’re lucky).