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Snips from Bernie Quigley’s lovely FHA, Carol Shea-Porter & Wesley Clark: Lights in the New England Snow (3 3 07)

Just as we arrived it was announced that the Secretary of the Army had resigned over the treatment of soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. General Clark opened his remarks with comments on this as a continuation of the same process of a war fought with hubris rather than means; the price being paid by the veteran and the wounded soldier.  This scandal will run deeper.

More from Mr. Q:

From my point of view, the ’08 Democratic race for President is unfortunate. It has never happened before that the airwaves and the entertainment industry have virtually commandeered the public consciousness, creating a celebrity show more akin to American Idol. Republic government cannot survive with dialog at such a low entertainment level. I’m more concerned under these circumstances to see a strong new Democratic party in the Senate and House in ’08 and look to 2012 to the Presidency. I see parallels today with the New England Whigs-turned-Republican (Lincoln, Grant) in the 1850s thereabouts; New England shed its old skin and found a new one & better one inside. I believe we are doing the same right now.

I don’t come to this through politics, but from other things I write about. We are facing the fourth generational turn in the post-war period. Each new generation starts with new ideas and new ideas always demand new people. The century will build on the new Congress of ’06.

I agree with Bernie Quigley – so far the ’08 cycle is proving to be the longest-bizarrest-costliest-freak-show-primary in my lifetime. “Unfortunate” indeed.

good read, the rest here: Thank you Mr. Q

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[update]: Senators Vow Quick Action on Walter Reed 

The Associated Press
Sunday, March 4, 2007; 12:16 PM

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers promised a quick response and sought an independent commission as they expressed outrage Sunday over the poor conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. <

“The scandal is emblematic of the Bush administration.” — Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich