An interview addressing (primarily) the pending  release of General Clark’s new book, “A Time to Lead”  Sept. 4th

….excerpted from NYT Magazine :

Generally Speaking


Published: July 1, 2007


(Karen Ballard photo)

As a retired four-star general and former presidential candidate, you’re about to publish a memoir whose title, “A Time to Lead,” might seem to suggest you’re personally eager to lead this country. Is that an accurate reading?

“A Time to Lead” is a time for America to lead. That is the intention of the title. Certainly we are having a leadership crisis. We have an administration that has lost all sense of strategic purpose in the Mideast. I am very concerned that we have lost the foundation of America’s worldwide power and influence. It has been squandered.

Are you referring to our military strength?

The most important element of power is not the military. After World War II and through the end of the 20th century, we had a legitimacy that magnified our military strength and economic strength. We weren’t like other powers. We weren’t after an empire. We didn’t torture. What we’ve lost is our legitimacy. It’s time for every American to be a leader.

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C’mon Wes, get in this race!


Wesley Clark’s speech at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, May 16, 2007: “Legitimacy—First Task for America’s Security”

Joe Rothstein’s take…I agree with Mr. Rothstein, “Do yourself a big favor.”  (excerpt)

What We’ve Really Lost in Iraq: Legitimacy

By Joe Rothstein
May 18, 2007

Do yourself a big favor

Go to and click on the speech given the other day by retired General Wesley Clark to an audience at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Clark titled his speech: “Legitimacy—First Task for America’s Security.” Here’s his core argument: For all the military power the U.S. has at its disposal, the nation’s safety and economic strength ultimately depends on maintaining our status as a nation that pursues objectives held in common by most peoples who share the planet:

–The wise and benign use of power
–Defense of human rights
–Protection of civilian populations
–Cooperation with, not intimidation of other nations
–The primacy of the rule of law
All of that, he argues, has been put into question by our nation’s behavior in Iraq. And the result has “robbed every American” of his or her heritage and made us all less safe and secure….  

Indeed, that was the very argument General Clark made….You can listen to the speech at JU SAIS or at Securing America View a FHA from an attendee plus slide-show of the event.

Also well worth the read, Bob Guttman’s blog, “General Wesley Clark makes sense: Should he run for president?”…restoring legitimacy to the nation? What a concept! YES!

Show me the Money!

March 20, 2007

Regarding Wes Clark’s “late entry” into the race, and in an effort to alleviate some rather unfounded (in my opinion) questions as to Clark’s fundraising abilities, an item  to share:

A Wes Clark Democrat does the math here:

2004 Primary – How did Clark really do in raising money?

John Edwards raised $26,973,278 for the 2004 primary over a period of 14 months.

Wesley Clark raised $21,971,302 for the 2004 primary over a period of five months.

Wesley Clark raised $4,394,260.40 a month for the 2004 primary.

John Edwards raised $1,926,662.71 a month for the 2004 primary.


Not being a numbers-cruncher myself, I thought this was worth more than a glance. So with a hat-tip to WesDem and keeping in mind that a Clark announcement in April would still put the General @ six months earlier than his late entry – ’04…and keeping in mind that at this point in the ’04 election cycle Joe Lieberman was mainstream media’s “annointed one”…is Wes Clark too late? Are the others too early? Waiting for grown-ups? C’mon Wes, let’s give them something to talk about!

Please sign the petition ———>

or The Mark of Zorro…..on a ‘waxing poetic’ Saturday?

While waiting the pending announcement on Monday by Senator Hagel, as to his presidential aspirations, and having re-read the March issue online Esquire Feature this a.m., headlined:

‘Before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment.’

Interview of Senator Chuck Hagel by Charles Pierce opens like this…

“The rapier is more silver than the moon. The horse, red eyed and fierce in the California night, is rearing up, and its rider points his sword toward the sky, and its tip seems to touch the lunar surface, dimpling it further between the craters… “

the interview itself is fairly good actually, altho it surely raised a number of questions in my mind re: a certain lack of conviction on the senator’s part

…and having also re-read this (non-poetical) Hagel-touting piece over at Steve Clemons place :

The Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill on the Chuck Hagel Salon:

“I think that there are a number of candidates on the Democratic side that may move in this direction eventually — but I’m not convinced that many have really offered more than incrementalist proposals that remain in the same general grooves of Bush’s direction in the Middle East. Wes Clark and Joe Biden are exceptions — and there are others — but they are not yet setting the political pace of the country…”  

[not yet]  

And lastly, but not leastly, this a.m., I re-read this classic from 2004: ‘Cometh the Hour…’ 

We need, at just this time, a military personage as president, one who is more in the mode of Dwight Eisenhower than of Ulysses Grant. In Wesley Clark, we have a four-star general and former NATO commander who is a diplomatic unifier, an authentic hero, wise and compassionate….

penned (quite beautifully I think) by Harold Bloom.  (Mr. Bloom is Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale.)

Wesley Clark, we sorely need your voice in ’08!

Please sign the petition…………

so said Wesley Clark in a recent interview.  Question and complete answer here:

Reg: Do you think your economic plans that you had ’04, like your tax plan, your college tuition plan, do you think they’d still be possible now with all the new debt we’ve accrued? Would we have to sacrifice that because of the war?

General Clark Well, I want to be really careful about raising taxes. I really am going to try not to raise taxes, but I do believe we’ve got to take care of people. You have to- I, I’ve been telling people in business, I said, You know, we’ve got a potential legitimacy problem. When a CEO makes 400 times what a worker makes, then you have to ask, Why does he deserve that much?

What is interesting is that the question was answered in the future tense…notable I think, given the recent pile-up on the internets 

Complete interview from CCN’s “Generation Whatever” series blogs:

A Conversation With the General by Reg NYC

Posted today at securingamerica, including a youtube video of the interview wherein Wes Clark and Reg NYC discuss ‘art matters’ (true that it matters in my humble opinion) and other critical issues of our times.

Also notable, who knew that Wesley Clark played around with the violin? From the interview:

“…And it’s one of these things that’s better than golf. I’m going to get my violin handicap down to zero.”

Proving once again that real men can (and/or) do whatever they like. Yes, they can!

It’s a really fun read. Don’t miss it.