This is a personal weblog by a Wes Clark supporter who thinks this country is going to the damned dogs. We need  the leadership of General Wesley Clark to save our nation, real leadership. This site is not affiliated with WesPac Securing America or any other official website or campaign.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Nelsons said

    Thanks for the excerpts of Wes Clark being interviewed by Amy Goodman.

  2. Shortie said

    The interview with Wes and Amy is terrific. I was there. The video is almost better than live–nobody’s head was in my way!

    Watching Wes talk about civilian deaths during war is one of the most touching experiences one could ever have. I just can’t say that enough. It makes me choke up every time I think of it.

  3. Doug in Canton said

    Maria gave me the lead to your site – all the best to ya!!

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