Questions for Wesley K. Clark

July 1, 2007

An interview addressing (primarily) the pending  release of General Clark’s new book, “A Time to Lead”  Sept. 4th

….excerpted from NYT Magazine :

Generally Speaking


Published: July 1, 2007


(Karen Ballard photo)

As a retired four-star general and former presidential candidate, you’re about to publish a memoir whose title, “A Time to Lead,” might seem to suggest you’re personally eager to lead this country. Is that an accurate reading?

“A Time to Lead” is a time for America to lead. That is the intention of the title. Certainly we are having a leadership crisis. We have an administration that has lost all sense of strategic purpose in the Mideast. I am very concerned that we have lost the foundation of America’s worldwide power and influence. It has been squandered.

Are you referring to our military strength?

The most important element of power is not the military. After World War II and through the end of the 20th century, we had a legitimacy that magnified our military strength and economic strength. We weren’t like other powers. We weren’t after an empire. We didn’t torture. What we’ve lost is our legitimacy. It’s time for every American to be a leader.

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C’mon Wes, get in this race!


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