“I really am going to try not to raise taxes…”

March 6, 2007

so said Wesley Clark in a recent interview.  Question and complete answer here:

Reg: Do you think your economic plans that you had ’04, like your tax plan, your college tuition plan, do you think they’d still be possible now with all the new debt we’ve accrued? Would we have to sacrifice that because of the war?

General Clark Well, I want to be really careful about raising taxes. I really am going to try not to raise taxes, but I do believe we’ve got to take care of people. You have to- I, I’ve been telling people in business, I said, You know, we’ve got a potential legitimacy problem. When a CEO makes 400 times what a worker makes, then you have to ask, Why does he deserve that much?

What is interesting is that the question was answered in the future tense…notable I think, given the recent pile-up on the internets 

Complete interview from CCN’s “Generation Whatever” series blogs:

A Conversation With the General by Reg NYC

Posted today at securingamerica, including a youtube video of the interview wherein Wes Clark and Reg NYC discuss ‘art matters’ (true that it matters in my humble opinion) and other critical issues of our times.

Also notable, who knew that Wesley Clark played around with the violin? From the interview:

“…And it’s one of these things that’s better than golf. I’m going to get my violin handicap down to zero.”

Proving once again that real men can (and/or) do whatever they like. Yes, they can!

It’s a really fun read. Don’t miss it.


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