I beg your pardon, Senator?

March 3, 2007

Obama calls Iran threat to U.S., Israel | Chicago Tribune

Seeking to woo Jewish votes and contributions, Sen. Barack Obama told an audience in Chicago Friday that he considers Iran “one of the greatest threats to the United States, Israel and world peace” and pledged he would try to end that nation’s uranium enrichment program. <

> “My plan includes a robust regional diplomatic strategy that includes talking to Syria and Iran — something this administration has finally embraced,” he (Barack Obama) said. <

Your plan, Senator Obama? o’really?

In his Washington Post, August 26, 2005 op-ed: Before It’s Too Late In Iraq,  Gen. (ret.) Wesley Clark wrote the following:

Adding a diplomatic track to the strategy is a must. The US should form a standing conference of Iraq’s neighbors, complete with committees dealing with all the regional economic and political issues, including trade, travel, cross-border infrastructure projects, and, of course, cutting off the infiltration of jihadists. Iraq’s neighbors should be asked to assist. This will also provide a better opportunity for meaningful back-door discussions of Iran’s nuclear program, Syria’s interests in Lebanon, and Turkish interaction with the Kurds in Iraq. The US should tone down its raw rhetoric for US-style democracy as an answer to all problems and instead listen more carefully to the many voices within the region. A public US declaration forswearing permanent bases in Iraq would also be helpful in engaging both regional and Iraqi support at this point. *<

complete text

Right again, Sir!

(*Just as we heard Mr. Edwards rally-cry at the DNC Winter Meeting to foreswear permanent bases in Iraq – o’really?) Let’s try and remember where we heard sound foreign-policy first among the ‘potentials’- Wes Clark has been calling for this administration to ‘engage in shuttle diplomacy’ in the Middle-East since  2002 and beyond…if it’s not too late

Gratifying tho, to see Wes Clark’s ideas being ‘adopted’ after all this time, not only by the admin. (if that’s to be trusted), but by current ‘Dem top-tiers’, ya’think?

…would that the senators stop wooing and start doing

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