Where’s the Congressional Oversight?

February 26, 2007

Hey! where’s the Outrage?

ThinkProgress:  (video-clip and transcript from Hersh/Blitzer/CNN 2-25 interview )

Hersh: U.S. Funds Being Secretly Funneled To Violent Al Qaeda-Linked GroupsNew Yorker columnist Sy Hersh says the “single most explosive” element of his latest article involves an effort by the Bush administration to stem the growth of Shiite influence in the Middle East (specifically the Iranian government and Hezbollah in Lebanon) by funding violent Sunni groups.

Hersh says the U.S. has been “pumping money, a great deal of money, without congressional authority, without any congressional oversight” for covert operations in the Middle East where it wants to “stop the Shiite spread or the Shiite influence.” Hersh says these funds have ended up in the hands of “three Sunni jihadist groups” who are “connected to al Qaeda” but “want to take on Hezbollah.”

Must we do it ourselves then? the oversight? Make some anti-war noise! Follow Wes Clark’s lead. 

Petition here: http://www.stopiranwar.com/ Please take some time to search the site tools, contact your congressionals, write letters to the editors of your local rags.


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