Full Congressional investigation of phone spying “mandated”

May 13, 2006

DesMoines Register, May 13, 2006

Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark said in Iowa Friday that the Bush administration’s tracking of millions of private telephone calls as part of its war on terrorism warranted a full congressional investigation.

The former NATO commander and 2004 Democratic candidate for president said Congress needs to sort out the controversy as a way of maintaining its check on the presidential power.

“If you have a president, for reasons he believes are legitimate for national security, who is accused of misleading people about the extent of the program, and nobody knows what the extent of the program is, then I think a full congressional investigation is mandated,” Clark said.

The Bush administration is facing questions about its regard for civil liberties after the disclosure that the National Security Agency collected information on millions of Americans’ telephone calls.

At the heart of the matter is Gen. Michael Hayden, who was in charge of the surveillance program and is now Bush’s nominee to become director of the Central Intelligence Agency.



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